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We would like to invite you to our new dental clinic. Filadent is located in Ilawa city on the street Andersa 2C/3 in the neightbourhood of hostpital and many offices. In the modern and comfortable interior we provide effective and comprehensive dental treatment at the highest level, supported by expertise, experience and professional service. We use the latest dental technology, top quality materials and equipment which enables us to make visit in our dental free of stress. Filadent is clinic created with passion, of which purpose is treatment of children and adults.

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Overview FREE

Anesthesia FREE

Filling 100-150 zł

Filling type Fuji 100 zł

Filling after canal treatment 160 zł

Fill in the front tooth 150-170 zł

Tooth reconstruction on fiberglass 300 zł

Composite tooth veneers 200-250 zł

Medical bandage 50 zł


Orthodontic consultation 50 zł

Metal braces 1400 zł/1 arc

Constant braces self-ligating metal 2000 zł/1 arc

Cosmetic braces 2500 zł/ 1 arc

Cosmetic braces self-ligating 2900 zł/1 arc

Control visity of braces 80 zł/1 arc, 140zł/2 arc

Schwarz Plate 450 zł

Functional braces 900 zł

Control visit of functional braces 50 zł

Removing braces 100 zł

Constant retainer 350 zł

Moving retianer 300 zł


Root-crown insert 450 zł

Metalic-porcelain crown 600 zł

Full ceramic crown 1100 zł

Temporary crown 50 zł

Inlay, onlay ceramic 300 zł

Porcelain veneer 1100 zł

Skeletal denture 1500 zł

Partial acrylic denture 1000 zł

Full acrylic denture 1100 zł

Relaxation rail 300 zł

Maryland bridge 400 zł

Metal-porcelain and fullceramic bridge Price in clinic


RVG (digital photo) during root canal treatment FREE

Devitalisation of tooth 50 zł

Development and filling of 1 canal 140 zł

Treatment troubles - additional visit 50-100 zł

Re-canal treatment – PRICE IN CLINIC


Oral hygiene instruction FREE

Sealing 50 zł

Fluorisation 50 zł / 1 arc

Scaling ultrasonic scaler 150 zł

Sandblasting 80 zł

Skaling + Sandblasting 190 zł

Skaling + Sandblasting + Fluorisation 200 zł

Estetic Stomatology

Lamp whitetning in clinic 700 zł

Overlay whitening 450 zł

Dead tooth whitening 150 zł

Dental surgery

Extraction of permanent tooth 100-150 zł

Extraction of dead tooth 70 zł

Surgical removal of roots 150-200 zł

Abscess incision 100 zł

Kids stomatology

Adaptation visit 30 zł

Color filling in milk tooth 80 zł

Milk tooth Devitalisation50 zł

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About Us

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Sylwia Maj-Filarska

I graduated from Medicine and Dentistry at the Medical University of Gdansk. For more than eight years I worked for one of the most prestigious Gdansk Dental Clinic. I participate regularly in numerous courses ,conferences, polish and foreign lecturers in the field of aesthetic dentistry, endodontics, prosthodontics and orthodontics. I constantly improve my skills in order to give my patients opportunity as soon as possible to enjoy all dental innovation. My greatest passion from many years is orthodontics. It is orthodontic treatment combined with other specializations that gives me satisfaction of creating beautiful and harmonious smiles. Satisfaction of my patients is priority for me.

"Opening Filadent is like my dream came true. It is also like completing my profession."

" Together with my husband we enjoyed a visit to the office of Ms. Sylvia. Definitely we will visit this place regularly. "
Wierzbowcy, 14.01.2016
" Modern office, great equipment, nice atmosphere, always professionally and painlessly. I recommend Dr. May-Filarska. "
" I visit Filadent clinic since it has been opened. My friends also visit this place. Treatment is being made always professionaly and very effectivly. I am very satisfied and recommend this dental office. "


tel. (+48) 534 200 410

Opening hours:


9.00 - 15.00


11.00 - 18.00


9.00 - 15.00


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11.00 - 18.00


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